Ranch Double

wood-fired asador
with stainless steel skewer cross,
cor-ten steel raised base and brazier


Code: RD.021.001

It allows you to cook according to the traditional Argentinian method “a la cruz” using the indirect heat of the wood fire without ruining the lawn of the house. You can cook all types of meat but also vegetables or fish with the special LaCruz® grill (this accessory is sold separately).

It’s ideal to be used outdoors, in your garden or under a porch, it can be easily disassembled and reassembled for transportation or storage.

The original LaCruz® patented skewer cross, reclinable and rotating, guarantees a stable and safe support for the skewers and the grill (optional), while optimizing temperature and cooking times. Its 304 STAINLESS steel double skewers have an ergonomic handle and are dishwasher safe. It reaches a cooking capacity up to 8 people.

The double skewer cross has a cooking capacity up to 16 people.

The 60 cm round cor-ten steel brazier guarantees safe fire management since it is lifted from the ground. The handles allow you to easily empty ash and clean it.

The Ranch Double asador can be raised with the PLUS 225 DOUBLE KIT

  • exclusive LaCruz® patent (patent pending)
  • completely made of 304 stainless steel
  • reclinable to best adjust the distance from the fire
  • 180° rotation to cook both sides and reduce time
  • easy and effortless handling even at full load
  • ergonomic handle with trigger and anti-fall safety mechanism
  • easily removable and dishwasher safe upper and lower arms
  • pull-out rod

  • 8 x double 304 stainless steel skewers with ergonomic handle. Dishwasher safe.
  • 2 x 304 STAINLESS Steel Skewer Crosses
  • 2 x 304 STAINLESS steel double grease collection trays
  • COR-TEN steel base
  • high tickness brazier Ø 60 cm, in cor-ten steel

Dimensions (cm): L 78.5 x W 123 x H 105
Cooking area dimensions (cm): L 54 x H 50,7 for each cross
Materials: cor-ten steel brazier and base, 304 STAINLESS steel skewer crosses, 304 STAINLESS STEEL double grease collection trays
Base type: static
Weight: 34.2 kg
Cooking type: indirect
Recommended fuel: wood
Cooking capacity: up to 16 people (about 600g of meat per person)

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